Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So I took a couple of months off. I needed a break...

I haven't done much art, but I started making bracelets.... I'm trying to sell them for extra cash because I'm tired of being so broke!

I recently started school again too, Principles of Animation... I'm sleep deprived and struggling to understand some concepts I think... but its going all right.

Here are some of my things.

Character Designs...

Some Animations....


  1. Nice job. I really like the girl animation. Seems like you could make a small animated movie out of that. How long did it take you to create? Also what are you making it in?

    1. I made it in Photoshop, but I have an animator program called Flipbook Pro. I just suck drawing in it. So I draw in photoshop and then I can put it in there for more frames. Photoshop has a limit.

      Took me about 5 hours but that was with distractions… so if I sat down and busted it out less. I definitely feel more confident doing it…. At first I was intimidated. D: